Friday, November 5, 2010

Riding Off Into The Sunset

I had a long week. Today I was walking out of my BioResource Agricultural Engineering class (it's as exciting as it sounds) and decided I needed to go Los Angeles. I drove home, threw all the clothes lying all over my floor into my hamper and put it in my car, grabbed a couple miscellaneous items, made my bed, and hit the road. I can't forget to mention I had to grab a $1 Sweet Tea from McDonalds for the ride, they are delicious!

I arrived promptly in Santa Barbara at 5pm, just in time for their awful traffic. I was finally able to pass through Santa Barbara and let me tell you, my God's timing could not have been more perfect. I got to witness a breath taking sunset. It was so refreshing to see. I love sunsets, I love that every single one is different. There has never been a sunset, in all of existence that has been like another. Sunsets are also a good reminder of God's consistency. The sun rises and sets every day without fail, no questions asked. A good reminder of how God will always be constant in my life. He is always there, always taking care of me. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me. Here are some snap shots of what I got to watch while heading down the 101...

I will leave you with this, the face that greeted me when I got home.

Hope you dig your weekend!

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Jane Gordon said...

I LOVE hanging out with my girl! Thank you for coming home. We needed to see YOU too! Love the photos too. Although, I hope that you were stopped for at least some of them... :-/