Monday, January 17, 2011

If I Could Have My Very Own Garden....

If I could have the garden of my dreams, it would probably be a little something like this....

You would always know exactly where to find me.

You would probably enter through a gate like this.

And of course proper attire and equipment will be required upon entry :)

Enter into the garden and find an array of lush, green foliage and of course tons of moss filled walkways. Listen and you will hear the trickling sounds of a little waterfall.

Then make your way to the upper level and find yourself in a beautiful country garden.

Complete with all the wildflowers you can imagine.

There will be a corner for my all my gardening goodies.

It will have little treasures for its guests to find.

Including its very own swing.

There will be a nook, just for me!

It would be the perfect place for dinner's all about dining al fresco.

It will be the home to an abundance of beautiful flowers that will be cut, put around the house and shared with others.

If I had my very own garden, it would be open to anyone and everyone. A place I would share, where people can come and enjoy God's amazing creations.

If I had my own garden it would be a dream come true, I would be in heaven.

I guess for now I will just have to keep dreaming. Maybe one day if I dream hard enough it will come true.

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Jane Gordon said...

Aaaahhhh...I love your little (or big) garden Rae. It looks a lot like the garden of my dreams too! Guess you could say that we're cut from the same bolt...hmmm, I mean sprouted from the same tree! :o) I love this blog. Keep up the amazing joy of sharing your thoughts and ideas. They are inspiring!