Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This is what I Call a Classroom

I think plants are fascinating. From their colors to their physiology and everything in between, I'm captivated. They are such a great example of how amazing our Creator is. Plants are intricate, with their own processes and personalities. In that way I find them to be very similar to humans (minus a few obvious details).  When I listen to my professors teach, I can't help but wonder how people can sit and learn all about the complex and tiny details of a plant and not believe that there is a God who created each and every one of them. When I want to see God's glory, I just step outside and take a good look around.

This Quarter I'm pretty stoked because I get to take an awesome horticulture class called California Natives. I get to spend 10 weeks learning all of the plants that are native to my gorgeous and very diverse home state.  Some plants of which are only found in California, no where else in the world can they grow. No big deal if you ask me.  Every Tuesday I get to go out to different places here on the central coast and hike into the wilderness, exploring plants with my classmates and professor. And I must say it is fabulous. Our first excursion was actually in the back yard of our campus, a place called Poly Canyon.  

For three hours, I was like a kid on Christmas morning. 

Heading up into the canyon.

Discussing the plants growing on the slope.

Polypodium californicum

Dudleya spp. These succulents grow on walls of rock....so cool!

Discussion under giant Quercus agrifolias (Coast Live Oaks)

Rain water is still flowing down the hills.

Now this is my idea of classroom!

On this day, I was at the head of the class :)

Oxalis was everywhere.

The ferns and moss are officially out in great force and I am in heaven!  Can't wait until next Tuesday, we will be heading to Coon Creek in Montana De Oro.


Anonymous said...

Great photos and word pictures. I was there! Thanks Rae...Dad

Jane Gordon said...

I have to agree -- THAT's what a classroom should look like! :o) I look forward to the pics and discussion on Coon Creek. It should be awesome! Love you...

Beth said...

That sounds like an awesome class Rae!! I love that you have something like that to look forward to. Who knew that school could be cool? hehehe