Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Reasons Why Today was a Beautiful Day

Today was a very beautiful day, and not just because of the gorgeous weather....

Reason #1
This morning I was in lab working in one of the greenhouses when a guy that was in a class with me last quarter (that I really don't know well) said something to me that really struck me.  I was walking past him, he smiled at me and said, "You seem a lot happier now that you're not taking class with (a professor that will remain anonymous for now)".  I Looked up at him and he continued with, "I haven't seen you smile like this before, you never smiled last quarter, you really are happier".  I have to admit that I was slightly caught off guard by his comment.  I spent the next 2 hours of class thinking about what he had said. I even mentioned it to another classmate of mine. She responded with, "I was actually thinking the same thing, you do seem so much happier and you do smile now, I love it". My heart was, for a moment, broken. Broken because I realized that I let someone get to me, wear me out and completely break me down. So much so that it affected my quality of life and my attitude. I came across to other people as unhappy, in no way was I reflecting Christ's love. That is NOT me....

Reason #2
After some time with the Lord, I decided I needed to let it go. What's done is done, now I can move forward. My classmate was right...

I am happy now! 

That is something I thought I would never hear myself say while I was still here at Poly! It is amazing, since I no longer have to take anymore classes with this professor, the quality of my life has improved drastically. I'm no longer on edge, my hair hasn't been falling out, I don't come home from class crying (she had a tendency to make me cry and thankfully over these past 5 years I learned how to hold it until I got home or was at least in my car) and I don't dread going to class. I'm taking 21 units, leading a bible study, working 2 jobs and I have never felt better.  Don't get me wrong, I still can't wait to get out of here, I want my diploma more than anything else right now!

Reason #3
I had such a great time exploring Coon Creek in Montana de Oro with my natives class. I could have spent hours out there today, the weather was perfect and the plants were fabulous. We began just above the ocean cliffs and climbed up into the crevices of the peaks overlooking the Pacific Coast. It was stunning.

Heading up.

Discussing the genetics of these small oaks.

I learned that there is a look alike to the maidenhair fern (my favorite fern).

Dr. Fross doing his thing.
Some other goodies we looked at.

My favorite find of the trip: Trillium erectum.
What's cool about this plant- it is NOT a Ca native. It is found at high elevations (7,000+ft) in rich, moist woods. Somehow it has been able to grow in this section of coastal Ca. So neat!
Excited to see just one of these! Castilleja spp (Indian Paintbrush).

Fragaria  vesca (Woodland strawberry) were providing a beautiful border along our pathway.  Unfortunately, baring no fruit yet.


My fellow plant nerds.

Spanish moss.
Garrya elliptica in bloom and covered in Spanish moss.

GIANT Woodwardia fimbriata down by the creek.  

More moss.

Another great adventure!

Reason #4
I have mentioned this a few times before, but I love my roommates!

Steph, Aubrea, Bre, Rachel, me.

Reason #5
God is great and bigger than anything. He is perfect, and so is the plan He has for my life.


Jane Gordon said...

And let it be said...I am happy, 'cause you are happy Rae! So glad that the wicked professor is not tainting your life anymore, or anyone else taking that class. God took care of that (her) and I know that everyone is grateful! Love the photos...incredible beauty out there. Moss, moss everywhere! :o) How cool that you've had the most gorgeous weather to enjoy all of that nature in.....awesome!

Beth said...

I love this happy happy post! I am so glad that you are enjoying this season because living each day to the fullest is good for your soul!

I had a feeling this was going to be a great quarter. I hope more posts like this are ahead.


love you sis

Stephanie Johnson said...

Wow I have so many things to say:

2. Indian Paintbrush reminds me every year of a horse book I loved as a kid and I LOVE seeing it when hiking.
3. You are definitely happier and more yourself. I haven't been able to put my finger on it but that random classmate hit the nail on the head. I am so glad for you!
4. I am so blessed to be your roommate!